Asp.Net is a web improvement system which gives programming software infrastructure essential for working up solid web applications and create dynamic website pages for web development.It is a segment of Microsoft.Net development.Its deployment is basic and supports XML and CSS.It is dialect free and reduces the code to create far reaching web applications.Its applications are secure with this structure.

They are composed in C# S(C Sharp) and the Asp.Net pages are finished with the expansion .aspx. These website pages are single page application(SPA) and they are like PHP and Classic ASP.

The code which is composed for Asp.Net applications are accumulated and it can be composed in four languages.


2.Visual Basic.Net

3.J Script


Asp.Net is valuable for building interactive and information-driven web applications over the web, Internet and includes large number of controls like content boxes, catches and names for gathering, arranging and controlling code to make HTML pages.

Asp.Net enables software developers to build up a web benefit, web application and website. It concentrates on rearrangements of coding and valuable for making huge website pages. The site pages which are finished by ASP.Net are speedier than the other pages and they are effectively open.

There are different components in .Net

1.Common Language Runtime or CLR

It deals with memory administration, special case taking care of, investigating, security checking, string execution, code execution, code wellbeing, confirmation and gathering. The code that is specifically overseen by the CLR is known as the overseen code.

2. .Net Framework Class Library

It involves an extensive library of reusable sorts. classes, interfaces, structures and identified values.

3. Common Type System

It prepares rules for announcing, utilizing and overseeing types at runtime.

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