Java is a high-level programming language which gets executed on different working systems like Windows, Mac OS, UNIX having distinctive versions.In the request to execute the code required for java wanders, Java programs must be made out of different editors like Notepad, Eclipse, and NetBeans.It is particularly used for client-server web applications. This change is an extensively valuable PC programming language.

There are certain principles to follow in Java with a specific end goal to make applications in Java.

1.It is a protest arranged language.

2.The code which is created in Java is healthy as Java Virtual Machine(JVM) does watch out for every last question with a particular true objective to secure quality.

3.In Java, Java Applets give adaptability.

4.The Java programs which are made by Java engineers can be executed wherever in any system on a server which has JVM(Java Virtual Machine).

Our Java engineers create Java applications based on three unique stages since Java has its own JRE(Java Runtime Environment) And API( Application Programming Interface).They are:

1.Java Standard Edition(Java SE)

2.Java Enterprise Edition(Java EE)

3.Java Micro Edition(Java ME)


There are four types of applications which should be possible by using Java programming.
Independent application: It is a desktop application with the ultimate objective that the application ought to be presented on every server like media player, wander etc.AWT and Swing are being used as a piece (or) part of Java to make free applications.
Web application: Java is useful for influencing server-side web applications.There are a few technologies used for making web applications, for instance, servlets, JSP, Struts, JSF et cetera.
Venture application: These applications are useful in dealing with a record in which it has the upside of the high security, packing, and stack altering.
Mobile application: These are the applications used for making phones with the ultimate objective that Java ME and Android are used for making portable applications.

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