PHP is a server-side open source scripting language installed in HTML in which contents keep running on the server.In PHP, the designers make dynamic substance and communicate with databases.PHP documents have text HTML, CSS, JavaScript and code.It is used to create web applications, overseeing dynamic substance, databases, and session following.

PHP is easy to learn and support flexibility.The PHP code which is composed of contents is secured and familiar.It can execute on various working frameworks like Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, LINUX and is appropriate for various servers like Apache and IIS.It is also helpful for controlling client access and fit for altering, including and erasing data.PHP performs elements of the framework which make, open, read, compose and close the file.It enters treats factors and set cookies.It can add,delete,modify elements.Data is encoded and secured.It keeps running on various stages, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X etc.

There are five qualities of PHP.They are:






There are three essential segments that are should have been introduced to create and execute web pages.They are:

1.Web Server: PHP works with web server programming, such as Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) however it is openly utilized as a part of Apache Server relying upon the accessibility.

2.DataBase: PHP works with database programmings, such as Oracle and Sybase, however, it is for the most utilized as a part of the openly MySQL database relying upon the accessibility.

3.PHP Parser: PHP Parser should be introduced to produce HTML output which is sent to the Web Browser to process PHP content directions.

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